Show No. 8 – Canadian Invasion aka The (Almost) Lost Episode – The Heavy Drinking Podcast

Alright, so this one got away from us a little. The night we recorded it, we also decided/got invited (in that order, actually) to join in on The Upcycle Helmet Art Show 2, which took place 2 days after recording this here episode… Feeling that the art show was more pressing to get on top of, this episode sorta fell by the wayside. Tack in a few weeks and here we are. Not to mention there were also technical difficulties with this recording, but our star producer (no matter what they might say at the end of the episode) was able to save the majority of it and get you fine people some content!

Jeff took a trip to visit our friendly neighbors to the north, and to see his family,  and graciously brought back a few beers for us to try out!  This is our Canadian Invasion episode with 7 beers from the Toronto area.  Well, that’s how many we drank anyway….not sure how many made it before the snafu.

This episode is full of beer, music discussion (including some more news from XXXtentaction), and absurd news stories you probably never want to hear about….enjoy!

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