Show No. 13 – Lasting Brass 1 Year Anniversary – The Heavy Drinking Podcast

It’s lucky number 13, and we are on location for another event again!!  We love doing these remote podcasts and coming out of the studio and this one was no letdown!  Lasting Brass, out of Oakville, CT celebrated their 1 year anniversary with an amazing party and we were lucky enough to be in attendance talking to all the fine patrons.  We chat with Ed Silva (owner of Lasting Brass), Mallory from Craftbird, Bill Steinbacher (Steiney’s Brewing), Tracey Rose from Lucky Soul, and since we didn’t get to during our time at Counter Weight, we pull Matt and Sean aside for a few minutes with them as well!

The crew from Lucky Soul Tattoo (the official tattoo shop of HDPC) were on hand doing beer-themed flash tattoos, which 3 of the 4 of us walked away with one.  Craftbird Food Truck was shelling out delicious chicken sandwiches, and there were a bunch of raffles in each session.  The entire day was sold out, so if you couldn’t make, this is the only way you can feel like part of the fun! 

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