Show #6

Episode 6 fam, someone’s leaving pregnant. We went back to the basics with this one and just talked amongst ourselves without the help of a guest…..weird, I know! This episode was a lot of fun, and this weeks beer was feckin tasty and unique – Biere De Hog from Black Hog Brewing in Oxford. Be sure to find it and give it a try.

We had a few topics come up this week that are pretty visually based, and who are we to not share the wealth?!

Vacuum Packed Wedding Photos

It wasn’t until I read the article to get a picture for this post that I realized Jay was sending us topics from last year, but it’s new to me so I suppose it works!
Vacuum Packed Pictures

XXX Tentation – New Album

I’m just gonna leave the Spotify link right here – it’s not visual, but we talked about him, once again, and it’s definitely worth checking out!

Spongebob like you’ve never seen before

All 3 of these videos are actually courtesy of Jeff – as if that was a surprise to anyone?

Poppin (tiny) Bottles

This is the track we went out on this week

BONUS!! Cash Me Ouside girl raps now!

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